Joshua Jennings

Hi, my name is Joshua, I’m a Certified Clinical Life Coach, Counselor, & Therapist. I have spent more than two decades working in the Mental Health Field and have collected knowledge from many areas in the field as well as experience. I work from a solution focused school of thought and rely heavily on my experience as a Master Neuro-Linguistics Specialist. I have worked diligently to gain balance between understanding how to effectively address Emotions as well as the biological basis of behaviors, mindsets, and identity in order to know what methods (Tools) works best for different individuals according to how they are individually wired. Helping clients achieve and grow is my passion. I started The Toolbox to give individuals a safe, productive space to learn how to deal with the problems and hardships that life brings. Our mission is to be authentic in our approach meeting each individual where they are and walking along side them throughout the journey offering insights and opportunities for growth along the way. This allows us to dig deep into the multifacited issues our Clients bring to us and offer several TOOLS to help. However, the main goal of any Life Coaching, Counseling, or Therapy is growing relationships and empowering the individual so we are not here just to treat you, we are here to walk beside you and develop relationship with you as we work together to accomplish your goals. Every client is important and no situation is so far gone that action can’t be taken. Sometimes circumstances seem hopeless; don’t give up! We are here to help! You have the project, we have the Tools.


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Jefferson, GA, USA

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August 2022