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Let us help you network with other Christian Counselors and Therapeutic Professionals in Georgia! Every single one of our members share one thing in common. We all have the right vision and heart to serve our community. Together we hope to educate, encourage, and equip Christian Counselors, Therapeutic Professionals, and other Lay Care Givers to reach their full potential in Christ. To do that, we provide a place to network, acquire training, have access to peer support, and offer plenty of self-care opportunities. 

Currently, we have three different Chapters who all meet monthly to network, train (CEUs available), interact with peers, and attend seasonal in-depth training events! Our three Chapters are:

Lawrenceville   Marietta   Forest Park

Please take a look around and learn more about how we can help you! See which Chapter is closest, and consider attending one of our meetings. Guests, no matter what care taking role you fill, are always welcome!

Come join us as we network, learn, and praise the Lord together!

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