We are Proud of our
Long History

In 1993, the Georgia Board of Examiners for Christian Counselors and Therapists was born,
creating what we now call the Georgia Christian Counselor Association (GCCA).
 It all started a year prior in a contingent in 1992.
Dr. Olin Mullinex led Dr. Gary Rogers, Pastor Bill Denton, Pastor Larry Palmer, and Dr Jack Kelly
meet with the Secretary of State, the Honorable Max Cleland with one purpose in mind.

To get the Georgia Composite Board (GCB) to recognize Christian Counselors.
Unfortunately, Christian Counselors were unable to get the same kind of support from the GCB
as non-Christian Counselors, and the group had unanimously agreed to try to change that.
 The group was faced with disappointment as they soon realized the GCB
had no interest in accepting Christian Counselors.
Max Cleland suggested an alternative, instead.

 “Put together your own Board of Examiners for Christian Counselors and Therapists!
Hold them accountable just as the GCB does for their counselors.”

That fateful meeting brought about the birth of the GCCA the following year on June 3rd, 1993.
Since then, the GCCA has had a slew of different people in leadership.
The love and care these people have shown has built the GCCA into what it is today,

a place where Christian Counselors and Therapists can come together.

To learn, worship, and grow in the light of Christ for the benefit of those around them.

Olin Mullinex was our founder and President Emeritus until he passed away in 2012.
The following are those who served as Presidents following him.
Larry Palmer
Don Muslin
Bill Denton
Jack Kelly
Betty Holden
Ray Kiertekles
Judy Walker
Melissa Hubbard
Johnny Walker
Yvette McBride
Kevin Dailey
Greg Griffin
Jack Kelly
Johnny Walker

Dr. Leon Beeler

Today, Dr. Richard Douglas, currently serves us once more as President,

and Dr. Trudy Simmons is our Vice President.

Our hope is that we can continue a much longer lineage of servitude for the people of Georgia,

those who live here and those who come to visit.

We pray that God continues to light our path, and that we can serve faithfully for the decades to come.